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Ιερόν Κελλίον Αγίων Αποστόλων - Αλυπίου
Agion Apostolon Monastery - Alipiou


Chrisostomos Monk
OP BOX. : 91
630 86, Karies, Agion Oros

Telephone: +30 23770 23740 - Mobile: +30 6948 523816

Agion Apostolon Monastery - Alipiou  Calling for Help:

Hoping to reach your sensitivity, I would like you to help us get over the difficulty that has occurred.

Since 1981 we have taken over the rebuilt of the historical Secret Cell of Saint Apostolon-Alypiou (former Monastery of Alypiou), the history of which begins in 1021.

Lately, after the prompt and promises of the services in charge, we have executed essential works based on specific study that costs 70.000€. Unfortunately, the people in charge haven’t fulfilled their promises and as a result we owe the amount above.

Our borrowers are putting a pressure on us because the time we were supposed to return the money has passed months ago, so I took the courage to ask for your help in order for us to cope with our depth.

Hoping for your understanding we deeply thank you.

Waiting for your valuable help, I’m greeting you with the love of Jesus Christ,  wishing every blessing from God.

You may deposit whatever you can in the following bank account:


ΑΡ.ΛΟΓ : 6439 010015 026
ΙΒΑΝ : GR5501714390006439010015026