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The monastery of Alypiou is placed at the outskirts of Karies, near the monastery of Anapausa. The initial name of it is “Monastery of Alopos”. It was probably named after it’s founder who’s name was Alopos. At the 11th century the family of Alopos blossoms at Vyzantio. The monastery was dedicated to Saint Peter and Paul and it is mentioned either with their name or with the name of Saint Peter or with the name of Saint Apostoloi.


The oldest written testimony of Almopos monastery is the signature of the monk of Ierotheos in a script of 1021. However the date of the script is not confirmed and the name of the monastery is mentioned as Alipos. The next testimony is from the year 1048, where the abbot Nikiforos is signing as the “elder of the monastery of saint Peter Almopos”. The first original script of the Almopos monastery that is saved until today at the monastery of Koutloumousiou, is of Abbot Theofanous from 1257.


The year 1313 is the first time that the monastery is mentioned with the name “Monastery of Alipiou”. The change was made because the monastery had the saint head of osios Alipios the Stylitis. The same year, the territory of Kallagras was given to the monastery. The Abbot then was Iosif. The year 1325, the cell of “Ixthiofagos” was given to the monastery, and the year 1350, the cell of “Gomatou”.


On the 14th century the Alipiou monastery is flourishing and the Abbot Theodosios became the First of Agion Oros 2 times. On 1394 the monastery of Alipios has the seventh place between 25 monasteries when the monastery of Koutloumousiou is placed at the 17th place.


On the 15th century we have the beginning of the monastery’s decline. On May 1428 the Patriarch of Constantinoupoli Iosif announced the union of the Monastery of Alipion and the Monastery of Koutloumousion. He was once in Alipiou monastery and he was personally aware of the flourish of the monastery and the number of it’s monks and properties. After he saw the monastery declining, he allowed the monks to move to the monastery of Alipiou. After 1501 the Patriarch Ioakeim A’ defines formally that the monastery of Koutloumousiou is the dominating monastery. Since then, the Alipios monastery is officially called Cell of Saint Apostoloi.